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Real Estate CPA

Helping Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Real estate professionals have unique tax situations that are different from the typical client.  We know you have important tax questions that must be answered.  You need to spend your time on your real estate activities, not worrying about taxes. That’s where we get involved.

At Sundin & Fish, we provide strategic tax planning along with a personal, hands-on approach that you simply won’t find with most CPA firms.  The real estate field offers it’s own set of tax and compliance challenges.  Not only do we understand the tax issues you face, we know the real estate industryOur clients include the following:

  • Rental property investors
  • Flippers and wholesalers
  • Real estate developers
  • Hard money lenders
  • Real estate syndicators
  • Nonresident foreign investors

Our goal is to make complex tax issues easy for you to understand.  We help our real estate clients with the following:

  • Entity structure review and tax structuring of your real estate transactions;
  • Tax planning strategies so you can take advantage of legal taxdeductions;
  • A comprehensive review to make sure that you have no “red flags” or IRS issues;
  • Private placement memorandum support for syndicators
  • Self directed real estate IRAs
  • Review of tax loopholes that relate specifically to real estate clients; and
  • A broad range of tax and accounting services.

Arizona Real Estate CPA

We view ourselves as tax professionals, but we also view ourselves as advisors who can assist you in your real estate endeavors.  Through our strategic partners, we have access to a multitude of service providers.  From property managers to hard money lenders, we know the industry and can help you succeed.

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